Driver Seat LMP3 for the ADAC Prototype Cup Germany / Michelin Le Mans Cup / European Le Mans Series

We offer a drive in our LMP3 for a complete season in different Endurance Championships with one of our LMP3 cars. Take your opportunity to grab a seat within our experienced team in one of the most famous endurance series around the world.

Different test and race opportunities

We offer our service to run and prepare your race car for the test days and races you want to drive. You just have to focus on the driving while all the other business is handled by our complete staff.

Driver Coaching

We offer complete driver assistance and coaching package including a pre-race report, complete data and video analysis and a post-race report to help you to improve your driving skills. Racing Experience has the unique combination of engineering knowledge and racing skills to understand your comments and help you to further develop your driving level and achieve your goals.

Complete rebuild / set up of any racing car

If your race car needs a rebuild (gearbox, bearings, suspension…) and/or complete new set up, Racing Experience is able to help you. Through our experience in various championships with all kind of racing cars with proven success, we will make your car faster and more reliable.

Race Taxi

For those who dream to experience the sensation of a real racing car and to take place on the side of a real racing driver, our taxi rides in a racing car are the perfect opportunity.

Race car sales

If you want to sell your race car, take advantage of our experience and let us handle the complete negotiation and transaction of the deal.