08-2014 – Hillrace Osnabrück (DE)

As for the last years, the hillrace Osnabrück is always part of the Racing Experience Hillclimb Calendar. After the last practice session at Chambley and some major setup changes done by Racing Experience, David's pace was immediately good from the beginning of the practices on. On Sunday, he suprised everyone except himself by setting the absolute best time in the first race run, leading the rest of the field by almost 1 second, a lot for this short track of only 54 seconds. Unfortunately, a locking wheel in the first corner of the second race run cancelled out all the hopes for a victory because the car hit the barrier and a suspension arm was bent. Even though David made it to the finish line, as the sum of the race runs counts in Germany for the final classification, there was no reason to continue. For David it was a deception, but his time of the first race run stayed the fastest of the day, proving that things were about to change to a positive way thanks to the new setup we made.