Jennifer Marcon, Mechanic

  • 2013-today: Jennifer has become a permanent member of Racing Experience. She is today responsible for the brake bleeding procedure, verifying the tightening torque of the wheels and chassis parts and for the fuel quantity. On the race weekends, she also changes tires and helps Charles to operate works on the gearbox and on the engine. During pitstops, she controls the driver’s visibility and helps that the driver changes happen fast and successfully.
  • 2011: When her sister Mélanie started her first internship in 2011, Jennifer’s engagement in the team’s activities became more and more important. Chief mechanic Charles started to train her and she got introduced to correctly cleaning parts and checking lubricants.
  • 2010: Jennifer first came to Racing Experience during a race weekend of the german ATS-F3 Cup. At this occasion, she got to know the team members and developed a strong interest for motorsports.